David Tuganov
Expert in digital business transformation, change management and innovation management
My services
Transforming teams and companies
Solving systemic problems and challenges
Project support
Service/Experience Design
Building from scratch or improving the current product/service
Designing transformational/training programs
Event/forum/experience design
Neirostorm: creative parsing and idea generation
Creating strategies/concepts
Improving the customer journey experience
Change Management
Design Thinking
Service Design
Innovation and Creative Management
Corporate facilitation
Critical, system and creative thinking
Facilitation of strategic/problem/creative sessions
Moderation of events (forums, summits) in English and Russian
Design and organization forums and events

Scope of services
  • Facilitation of problem, strategic and foresight sessions;
  • Designing the concepts of "Smart | hearing city";
  • Creation of competence centers at region and ministry level in the field of human-centered services and digital transformation;
  • Conducting research (HX);
  • Minimizing risks in industry transformation (education, tourism, regional development);
  • Training programs on Design Thinking and human-centered technologies, behavioral economics, systems and critical thinking (through the Academy of Public Administration apa.kz)
Commercial organizations
  • Strategic, foresight and problem sessions;
  • Implementation of Design Thinking in the business processes of the organization;
  • Transformation of business functions;
  • Creating from scratch or improving customer experience (CX) competencies
  • Improving or creating new products and services (Product Management, Service Design, JTBD, TRIZ);
  • Customer research (CX/HX, CJM);
  • Improving corporate culture (Diagnostics, Design, EJM);
  • Training through partners (NURIS, BCPD IFCA, Astana Hub);
  • Mentoring of teams;
  • CX/HX research;
Educational institutions
  • Transformation of Universities;
  • Training programs for faculty of schools, colleges, schools;
  • Designing new and in-demand programs for Universities;
  • Creating innovative Design Thinking Labs;
I enjoy working in the following areas, exploring new trends, testing hypotheses, and synthesizing different technologies
Future Skills
Visual thinking
Critical thinking
Systems thinking
Creative thinking
Future skills and competencies
The transformation of educational institutions
The teacher (educator) of the future
Cities of the future
Smart | Creative | Digital City
A hearing city and comfortable city

I have been doing research on Smart City for several years in collaboration with the NU School of Engeneering. Also working with local executive agencies in the implementation of the "Hearing State"
Behavioral Economics
How to understand the nature of human thinking
How to build product or service positioning with human behavior in mind
How to use irrational behavior to advantage
How to make people (employees, customers, citizens) happier

This year I am completing my professional training and certification as a Chief Experience Officer

Creative Entrepreneurship
An active mentor and business coach. I have been working for several years in partnerships with accelerators, corporations and foundations.

I am an evangelist of design thinking, service design, JTBD, growth-hacking and product management. I try to turn an idea into a successful startup without risks and with drive.
New Horizons
I also enjoy discovering new horizons, industries, and technologies. My extensive knowledge from different industries helps a lot in consulting projects and generating new ideas

In 2021 I took a dive into:
- agritech
- fintech
- retail
- green economy
- creative industries
Clients and partners
If you have any questions about cooperation, you can contact me via Telegram or david@creata.team